Monday, August 10, 2009

Love, Actually

We love bookstores.

We love eachother.

We love bookstore dates.

3 rounds were planned.

We completed two successfully...

Inspired by
Love, Actually .


Ry: A roasted chicken sandwich with Argula and something else I don't remember.

Ky: Tomatillo avocado salsa with corn green chile tamale.


Ry: Not blog appropriate

Ky: ditto


I forgot them... But they were f u n n y. we chuckled.

4. Find a picture of a place you'd like to visit. together.


Ry: NYC.

Ky: A village in Scotland named Skye.


Ry: Berenstein Bears go out for the Team.

Ky: King Bidgood's in the Bathtub. Sung.

6. Pick out a book for your date.


Ry: 365 days of cars

Ky: Photoshop classroom in a book


Cher said...

Oh this is soo fun!! How fun that you documented the date. Do you mind if I link your post up on my Bookstore Date post? Your pictures really show how fun this date can be...something my post definately lacks!

Kylee said...

Please do! That would be an honor! And your posts rock - love your blog!

BranNstuff said...

Just found your blog while reading "Love, Actually" which I got to from another blog about a pinterest item... I'm working on my a date a month Christmas present for my husband and LOVE your bookstore date! And... I have two (of three of my kids) redheads!!! :-) My son (I am SOOO not kidding) answered yesterday (after he was asked if he got his hair from his daddy, who wasn't present - I'm a blonde) "no, he doesn't give it to me, I just keep my hair all of the time" He is 3. and My daughter was tired of people asking so she started answering (at 2 mind you) Yep, my mom had it colored!