Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This fills us up!!

I found myself on this old blog tonight while I should have been prepping for family Hanukkah festivities going down at our casa tomorrow. I'm laughing and crying and wishing I didn't have a two year plus void that went undocumented here. I want to go get Eden out of bed (she's not asleep yet anyway...) and show her the pictures and read her stories. My kids thrive on hearing about themselves - it fills them up and makes us laugh and feel close. I have struggled to find my place in the social media realm. It gets overwhelming and I get inadequate. But here, looking at my life in the past, I just love it. I can forgive myself for the not so clever captions and I don't care if the pics are perfectly framed and filtered. I have been thinking hard about a goal, just one, to work on in 2017 and I feel like this is my answer. As a mother and wife and individual, recording my imperfect and perfect life moments fills me up and I know it will fill my children and husband up too. I love hearing stories about myself when I was young. I feel like I learn so much about me and also can appreciate and realize how far I have come in my growth process. Now to find a good mobile blogging solution to keep this simple...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Every busy day ends in a crash, or at least today did

The day was wonderfully busy and the crash in the evening has been hard. I can't remember if I ate lunch today and frankly don't want to take the mental energy to recount the days events in my mind to try to figure it out. I'm having a bit of a mommy martyr evening and need to do something for myself so I'm thinking a 15 minute blog vent will do the trick.

Disclaimer before this happens... I really wouldn't change anything about my life! Being a wife and best friend to a wonderful man and a stay at home mom to our children is the most fulfilling and growth promoting experience I could have in this life and I'm grateful for it.

Phew, already feeling better.

I have so many things to do before my head hits the pillow tonight. And I've got a cold or allergies or something and my head is pounding and my nose won't turn off... And I really just feel like laying on my closet floor and crying for a minute, or an hour.

Too boring if I blog my to do before bed list? It'll be shorter on paper than it is in my head. And it's something I think I'll enjoy looking back at someday.

- two loads of laundry to fold - clothes are on the bed forcing me not to procrastinate them
- chicken stock on stove to strain
- at least a cups worth of greek yogurt all over my kitchen - concentrated around Eden's chair - to clean up
- meat to prep and package for freezer - expiration date is today so can't put this off any longer
- clean up toys strewn all over
- large bin of junk I cleaned out of the van today to sort through - another bins worth of stuff to clear out of van (this can wait until tomorrow, or next month...)
- clean face, change clothes, etc.
- strain water kefir grains and put in new batch (still have yet to determine if I've been successful in this endeavor)
- clean kitchen from dinner and mess I'll make doing other food related things above
- I should probably pump since Alex hardly wanted to nurse tonight because Eden was blowing air on us with the hair blow dryer - better keep that supply up...

Accomplish all of this with minimal trips down the hall past Eden's room to avoid keeping her awake even longer. Although, I do love hearing her say 'heeeey' to me when I walk by...

Granted, I could have gone some of this done during my approx 1 hour of 'me' time today when I instead chose to exercise and edit pictures from a photoshoot we did of the kids last night. So I kind of contributed to this. I should have started planning for bedtime at 8 o'clock this morning. Sometimes I'm just tired of planning and prioritizing and thinking things through.

Want to see the pictures of the children? They are quite wonderful if I do say so myself!

I didn't plan to be in pictures but I'm so glad I was coerced into it. This photo and the others remind me of the many joys that come with being a Mother!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making magic with ordinary stuff

I could not get enough of these two playing together this morning. Eden wanted to take Alex on a car ride so we got him situated in the bin and she played babysitter. She brought him toys and pushed him around while making car noises and ran around the bin singing songs making him laugh. It was pure heaven! So glad I made the choice to forget about all the housework and getting a clean diaper on Alex and changing him out of his pjs and getting Eden dressed in matching clothes and ... I won't even admit all the other stuff on the list.

Monday I had a perfect Mom evening! I was so happy and energetic and the kids (Eden especially) loved it. I was running around while she was eating dinner popping out of surprise places and making up the silliest songs and the whole family followed along with my mood. It's kind of a lot of pressure to have power like that.

Eden has been having a hard time with baths lately, she just fights them... Well, actually she's kind of been having a hard time with any suggestion I make. She seems to want the opposite of whatever I suggest. Working on giving her lots of choices of two good things that need to happen instead of just a command (i.e. would you like to take a bath or brush your teeth first?). She still gets to choose but I just give her a little nudge in the proper direction. Sneaky right?

Anyway, in the middle of our Monday happiness I had the idea to get out a straw from Halloween (just sitting in the pantry so it's ready for next October.... haha, I'm so on top of that) and I treated it like the coolest thing ever that could blow magic bubbles in water and had happy pumpkins on it and Eden totally followed along. She couldn't wait to get in the bath and blow bubbles through her straw! Didn't resist at all!! She was so distracted with the fun she didn't even have time to exercise her terrible 2 year old stubbornness towards any suggestion I make. We also took a bowl of ice cubes into the bath tub. She developed fine motor skills trying to keep a grip on the ice cubes and the sensory development of recognizing hot and cold is great. Her air control and breathing improved from learning to control her air flow blowing bubbles fast and slow and big and small. Seriously such simple things but so much FUN! Just as much happiness as any big outing we've done as of late, if not more.

It made me wish that I could hop on Facebook or Pinterest and see a slew of similar ideas to this one. Simple things that require basically no prep. It would be much more uplifting than what I usually have on my feed. I think other people would find it uplifting too. We need to focus on making the every day ordinary stuff we do magical and wonderful. That is what makes me happy, especially in the young mommy stage of life. So readers, any fun ideas making magic with ordinary stuff we can add to our toolbox? I will share some more here as they happen. They kind of happen unexpectedly, I think that adds to the magic.

I'm learning an awful lot raising Eden and Alex. What a privilege it is. They are special special people and I just hope I give them a solid start for their earthly journey, and for the journeys after this one too. They deserve the best!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

iPhone pics and deets

Happy pictures and details from the last few weeks.
We got a super big surprise this month and Ryan was called to be in the Bishopric. We found out on a Thursday and he was sustained and set apart that Sunday. Super fast! Ryan's parents and Courtney were able to make quick arrangements to be here. It was a surreal and beautiful weekend. So special to have Ryan's dad be able to ordain him a high priest. We were and are very grateful!

Grandma flew in on her birthday - we felt so lucky to get to celebrate with her in person!

Eden thrilled to wear Daddy's tie after church. The dress she is wearing is one that my Mom wore when she was a little girl. I forced Eden to wear it back in December and it was an epic melt down experience so it blew me away that she insisted to wear it on this particular Sunday. Girls are so fickle :).

Alex and Grandpa. Gotta love the mustache binkie :).

 We had time to go play at jumpstreet with them on Monday before they had to catch their plane. So much fun!

Alex was so spoiled and happy to get lots of attention from Grandma.

He got a bit overstimulated and took an early nap in her arms. 

Eden has started to enjoy nursery rhymes and has really latched onto 'Hey Diddle Diddle'. We acted it out with the items above as an activity one day (and every day since then). We used our imaginations... the blocks were the fiddle, the sun she's holding was the moon and we used a little bunny instead of a cow. She watched me act it out a handful of times and then initiated having a turn to play each part. It was magical. Love special play times with her!

Going 'bump' down the stairs at Grandma's house after Kindermusik. She was laughing so hard. On Wednesdays Eden and I get to go to Kindermusik during Alex's nap. It is wonderful to get out of the house on a momma daughter date every week :). On Thursday mornings we have Alex's class and Eden comes along to 'help'.

Kind of embarrassing but I just have to document how funny it is that Eden wants to workout with me... We had to make her a set of weights out of her blocks. Don't worry - we are taking a very balanced approach. Just exercising for energy and healthiness :).
Naptime with Eden. I love that she is starting to let me lay by her when she falls asleep.

Eden is starting to love taking selfies with me. Lots of giggles together with this activity so it's a keeper for sure.

One of our friends had a valentines party complete with photobooth and this pic turned out rather darling if I do say so myself.

Eden loves to go running with me to the lake (aka pond in our subdivision). I run to the lake with her in the stroller and then let her run around with me until she gets tired. It's our favorite way to start the day! 

The weather has been GORGEOUS! We deemed it worthy of a quick trip to the store to get a kite and boomerang and then headed to the park to fly/throw them. Eden loved riding in the cart!

Alex sleeping on my lap during Relief Society. My fav way to be in a church meeting :).

Eden has learned to sort the silverware. She gives a play by play while she does it "knife goes right here - yaaaaay - next one - fork goes this one - yaaaaay Eden - spoon goes here - hoooraaaay"


Loving spending lots of time outside!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Joys of having Eden around

I was washing Eden's hands in the kitchen sink and she spotted a knife and said "it sharps you" (implying it cuts you).

I bring a handful of bracelets to church in a little bag with a buckle from Great Grandma Dover as a quiet activity for Eden for Sacrament meeting. She didn't want to take them off at the end of the meeting so I let her wear them to nursery. When I picked her up, she had moved all of the bracelets that were on her wrists to her ankles.  It made me laugh - she looked pretty funny walking around with like 3 bracelets on each ankle.

Ryan gave Eden a bath tonight and she kind of slipped and went almost all the way under the water - her eyes nose and mouth were barely sticking out - she had a very surprised look on her face and said "almost..... (long thinking pause trying to find the right words) swimmed away)".

We are working with Eden on helping her stay in her bedroom at bedtime. She usually sneaks out a couple of times and we have to help her return back to her bed. Anyway, tonight I thought that she had stayed in her room because when I headed that direction to put Alex to bed her door was shut. I was quite surprised when I walked into Alex's room to see her sitting by his dresser with all drawers open and clothes scattered everywhere trying to put on a pair of Alex's jeans. Haha. She clearly knew she wasn't supposed to be doing that - her defense was 'Eden woked up'. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't throw it!

Eden was throwing rhythm sticks this morning in Kindermusik so I explained to her that they are hard and we don't throw things that are hard because they can hurt other people/things. I was holding her tonight and she started knocking on my shoulder and said 'hard, hard, shoulder, don't throw it'. That's right Eden, that's right.

We had a nice little singing time at the piano today. I managed to capture a bit of it on camera and thought I'd share. A little person singing gospel truths sure brings a special spirit.